Spoken English

क्या आप विद्यार्थी है या किसी कम्पटीशन की तैयारी कर रहे है, घरेलु महिला है, व्यापारी है या सेल्सरत है या प्रचार माध्यम से जुड़े है, विदेश जाने की तैयारी में है या कॉल सेंटर में जॉब चाहते है-
मैसकॉट इंस्टीयूट आपके लिए लाया है मनोवैज्ञानिक तरीके से बिना किसी प्रयास के आम बोलचाल की भाषा में English का प्रयोग |
एक बार Admission ले, आजीवन फ्री पढ़ें !

Let's grow up a tiny seed what you have in your heart to express yourself in English.

English Unquestionable has become the integral part of our life as a language but for students. It is the strongest weapon to survive in current cut throat competition, as we all know having good English communication skill can ease our quality education & boost up our confident level.
In modern acid test competitive era education has become most expensive liability of guardian for that children's are admitted in top class schools Having Completed the life of examination, we come into real battle of life where examination of life begins.

Age is no barrier for learning English.

In our life English is given most priority in Society & professional field. So the biggest concern about our education and us when English is so valuable for us, why we are failed in English.
Considering all these Mascot institute has designed a 3 month special course for learning English as language which is completely based on psychological method. We Shape & Groom student infotainment method of training where it becomes a fun to express yourself in English.

Get rid of typical n tradition method of translation,let's have fun of English in New Style.

We provide English speaking friendly atmosphere to enthrall you get over typical & tradition method of translation it helps you speak naturally & effortlessly. The motto of Mascot Institute to spread awareness of English & root out its phobia. So we provide Free Life Time membership Card which helps you to be in touch of English & Mascot Institute.